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What you should know about us that we probably shouldn’t tell you

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

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Most of this blog post is taken from a video to explain who we are. It appears on our about us page as we’re not into the standard explain your bullshit back story, going into the detail that no one really cares about.

What we’d rather do is try and tell you some of the things that most marketing agencies don't generally talk about (hence the title). If you hadn't guessed that part by now, take a deep breath and reread the title.

We’ll wait for you here…

Back to it…

The fact that you’ve got this far is proof that you’re either snooping about the gaff or you're looking for a marketing agency to help you, something about us has resonated. It’s probably our ability to create good, readable, SEO-juiced-up copy, or an engaging comms, or something to do with the intrigue of a blacked-out website that looks like it belongs in the 1980s, but we’ll never really know the answer to that and it isn't really important. The most important thing is that you’re here now so we’ll get on with telling you some things you should know about us that we probably shouldn’t tell you.

Let’s face it if we can get you to read this far down imagine what we can do for you and your marketing, be it client engagement, lead generation, brand awareness or content creation.

That’s enough about you anyway, what about us here at buildDifferent.

Here are 6 things you should know about us that we probably shouldn’t tell you:

1 - Small with growing pains

As a new agency, we may be small and have growing pains (these pains are like the ones you self-diagnose, worse to you than anyone else) but we’re hungry for success. We can also relate to the pain of dealing with the blood-sucking agencies who just want your cash.

We’ve been where you have, the construction industry, client-side.

2 - Remote working with the right skill sets for the win

We have no offices and use contractors and freelancers to stay agile. This helps with our growth as a small business as well as helping us cut the fat and only offer services that will work for clients, spending money on only the appropriate skillsets and not trying and pigeonhole you into something that fundamentally won’t work for your business. How can someone tell you that you need their services without getting to know you first - we promise at least a first and second date. Whatever happens after that is our secret.

3 - HI mixed with AI

We use human intelligence combined with artificial intelligence (AI) to supercharge our output. Software such as ChatGPT, DALL.E and allow us to speed up many processes and deliver work much faster, without a drop in quality.

We NEVER just rely on AI to generate output for us and our human intelligence is always on top of things but where we can create efficiencies we do!

4 - Honesty is the best policy

We’re a little too honest: If it's shit, it’s shit, we’ll tell you it’s shit, but if it’s good we’ll celebrate. We’ll even share our own 5-year marketing plan with you - here. This is where you massively benefit from having an agency on your side, we can be brutally honest and not a crowd pleaser. It’s almost impossible to have a subjective view of your own business or the one your work for. We can and are subjective, it massively helps in the marketing process.

5 - No and bugger

We say NO quite a lot and swear a bit, it’s not a great quality, but we do it apropratly… f**k.

6 - Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

In working with us we want all our clients to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. If we can make you feel uneasy about a uniquely creative approach to your problems built on sound, foundational marketing knowledge we know we've hit the jackpot.

Being bland and boring to fit in doesn't get you the results you are looking for, within the construction industry it isn’t that hard to stand out, you just need to put your trust in us and the creative process.

Sounds like your kinda bag? Let’s Chat.

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