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Construction Marketing Strategy and Creative

Because there’s no C in Construction. Here’s a Creativity Challenge for you!

Cast your mind back through all the years you’ve been on this Earth, when a Marketing campaign in the construction industry made you think, laugh or really moved you in some way.

If you’re anything like us, it’s 20 minutes later and you’ve still not come up with anything. Actually scrap that. You may have had the brief fleeting thought of an Arm Wrestling Polar Bear, but the point is still clear; there isn’t a lot of creativity in construction. The very fact we’ve set this challenge and you’re struggling to think of one is a testament to change.

Oh by the way, let us know if you do think of anything else. We’d love to champion creativity in construction and stop the Polar Bears from getting all the credit.

Speaking of creativity, we have creative people, doing creative things, in creative ways. Let us create the next Polar Bear for you.

Alright, there is a C, it’s right there at the beginning, but what we mean is Creativity. Don’t agree? - check out this creativity challenge and let us know how you get on.
Peter Sumpton creativity challenge | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK

Here's your creativity challenge

We build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition. Get free tips and info on how we do this, straight to your inbox.

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We build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition. Get free tips and info on how we do this, straight to your inbox.

Thanks for subscribing!

LEGO man | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK

A complete marketing service for your products, services, hardware, software, automation, robotics and AI… basically all things construction, data and digital.

If you work in construction, we do your strategic and creative marketing.



(Development & Implementation)


(Planning & Activation)


Press the start button

It starts with you, your ducks, a brew and a chat, understanding where you’re starting from, what you want to achieve and by when. Also, we’re going to look at what’s holding you back.

We listen, we chat, you laugh and we cry (sometimes) happy tears (must be the onions).

The need-to-knows

Here are the 8 things you need to know about how we work with our clients and who we work well with.

If you get to the end of these things and you’re still nodding your head more than a Dwight K Schrute III bobblehead, then give us a call. 

Bobblehead | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK

#1 We measure what matters

  1. Success right now: Generating revenue.

  2. Success for years to come: Building your brand as well as your business.

Helping you make an impact with your marketing. Getting things done before your competition gets a chance to book us.

#2 The price is the price is the price.

You may even be pleasantly surprised by this price that is the price that is the price. We don’t cost on time. We cost on output, results and the value we bring, believing in full-transparency and not shoving the price at the bottom of the page. We want you to make your own mind up about how much value we’ll be bringing (a lot, the answer is a lot).

#3 You have a passion and care about what you do.

If you don’t have a passion why are you doing what you do? We’re in the business of solving construction marketing problems. Caring and having passion makes all our lives easier!

#4 Organisations that follow the herd can walk on.

Doing the same as everyone else means you are competing in a space that is already crowded and cluttered. If you’re sick of not getting the results you want, we will help you zig, when everyone else is zagging.

What you need to know from the need-to-knows

Still bobble-heading?

We work exclusively with individuals and organisations who completely get what we’re chatting here. If you think that's you let’s chat some more.

Extraordinary results

I |

Happy comments

Adapting to work at any level with marketing departments; always focused on the task in hand but keenly aware of the context and bigger picture.

Kate Perrin | Group Marketing Director | Barbour ABI

Our work isn’t just for creative shits & giggles, there’s a strategic method to our creative marketing madness.

Getting the marketing foundations right (if you’re already there - bravo).

Solving the simple problems first (which are often missed).

Getting all your ducks in a row (other pond-based creatures are available such as swans, newts and dragonflies. Take your pick. The important bit is getting them in an orderly, linear fashion).




Get your ducks in order | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
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