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This is… when you’re struggling to understand the difference between strategy and plan (we’re only half joking here). The truth is so many do confuse these terms, but when we talk about it here, we mean;

So, if this is resonating with you, let us lift the weight off your shoulders and make light work of your detailed marketing strategy. You simply focus on the day job and we’ll make you look good.

More comprehensive than a Campaign, building long-lasting strategic foundations.

You’re Wile E. Coyote and we’re ACME, but we’ll stick around and make sure the right tools are used in the right way. 

Deep-dive diagnosis.

Strategic direction (the REAL meaning of strategy).

Objectives for focus.

Tactics to deliver.

Measuring what matters.

Ready to go?

Let’s chat and start lifting the weight off your shoulders.


£5000+ per month

Is this for you?

You know that marketing is the thing that will generate more leads, sales and long-term brand growth, but don't have the team or capacity to do it. 

Ideal for

Organisations with little or no marketing function or a team that is yet to define or implement a clear plan or strategy. 

Benefits of Strategy (Development & Implementation)

In-Depth Diagnosis Work You Don’t Have Time For

It’s easy for someone to come in and start talking tactics. Dive straight into the communications, the creative. If you’ve seen this happen, then you’ve seen it fail. This way is built on sand... 

...When developing your strategy we use the builD Process which takes its structure from the three basic principles: Diagnosis - Strategy - Tactics. We do the in-depth, detailed diagnostic work that you simply don’t have time to do. Having a team deep dive into your organisation and your construction industry sector is invaluable. THIS alone is gold!

Put Up and Don't Shut Up

We help you implement the strategy, meaning we must walk the walk and not simply talk the talk. We’re as invested in making this work as you are and we’ll be defined by the results the actionable strategies achieved.

See the Wood from the Trees

It’s easy to get lost in your own business or even one you work for where seeing the right path, the right direction, the right strategy is blinded by your own internal viewpoint. Let’s face it, no one gives a shit about your business more than you...

...Working with us to build or cement your strategy and subsequent implementation means you get a double whammy - you get marketing expertise and an impartial honest view of what will really work.

Straight Talking

No waffle or bullshit, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We’re not religious, but if you'd like us to swear on a copy of any of these marketing books we can: The 9 Marketing books that will shape your future.

Wile E Coyote | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK



buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK







Not quite what you were looking for?

Already on with your strategy but the workload is starting to bulge at the seams like Violet Beauregarde after chewing the wrong gum, then Campaigns (Planning and Activation) is probably more what you’re looking for. 

Are you more project focused?

Violet Beauregarde | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
  • You’ll find that these words are interchangeable by most and most will be wrong when switching them around as there is a huge difference. Here it is:

    Marketing strategy: Think Big Picture / Overall Direction.

    This is the identification of how you are going to achieve a specific objective, target or goal.

    For this service we have expanded it to include planning and implementation as we find that the word strategy resonates with people in this way i.e. it is the full marketing planning experience covering Diagnosis - Strategy - Tactics. Whereas, technically speaking, it is just the identification of how an organisation will achieve something.

    Marketing plan: Think tactical.

    The steps required to achieve a specific objective, target or goal.

    The best way to imagine a Marketing Plan is to consider a box of Lego, or more specifically the instruction manual. The instruction manual is the plan to build a Lego®️ set. It is the same in Marketing. The Marketing Plan is the plan that will help you achieve something.

    An analogy that may help.

    We always use 'taking a journey' as the analogy for the difference between Strategy and Planning. Some use surfing or mountaineering, but let's stick with the less athletic option - grab the travel sweets, and we’re off.

    Objective: Travel from point A to point B within 2 hours.

    Strategy: Use a car as the most efficient mode of transport.

    Tactics: The route you’ll take, the scheduled stops, the music, any passengers, sunglasses required, any fuel needed and how much, start time, speed, traffic updates, alternative routes if required….. And so on.

  • We use two different types of marketing strategy development tools, depending on your requirements and where you are as a business.


    I am a SOSTAC® Certified Planner. I have been using SOSTAC® (created by PR Smith) my entire working life and it has been the backbone of many marketing strategies:

    Situation Analysis: The where are you now bit.

    Objectives: What do you want to achieve… be specific.

    Strategy: The all-encompassing focus and vision for how you will achieve these objectives.

    Tactics: The specific elements of the strategy.

    Actions: What is required to fulfil these tactics.

    Control: Making sure you are on course to achieve your objectives through measuring and monitoring activity.

    builD Process

    For more details on what the builD Process is all about, check out how we’ve used it to develop our own 5-year Marketing Strategy. 

Strategy FAQs

We build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition. Get free tips and info on how we do this, straight to your inbox.

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I build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition.

Get free tips and info on how we do this, straight to your inbox.

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