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How we do it

We build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition. Get free tips and info on how we do this, straight to your inbox.

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Three reasons we use a lot of LEGO® analogies


I mean come on, look how stunning it is when you explain things in a way that looks like this! Our builD Process that we’ve well, built, is so freaking beautiful.


LEGO® itself is an amazing business case study for any marketer to learn from. Not so fun fact: They nearly went out of business back in 2003-2004 before thankfully turning it around through a marketing-led approach.


The different coloured bricks. Shapes and sizes depict the beautifully diverse nature of marketing. There are soooooo many. I mean just imagine what this brick could represent.

Correct answer: YouTube - check out our YouTube channel while we think of some other shaped bricks.

We always start with a blank piece of paper and build from there. There are simply too many marketing variables to not do this correctly. Anything else will not end with the best possible results.

LEGO brick | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
No BS. No showboating. No hidden facts and figures. Just straight-talkin’ success stories and a few nice words from people.

The need-to-knows

Here are the 8 things you need to know about how we work with our clients and who we work well with.

#1 We measure what matters

  1. Success right now: Generating revenue.

  2. Success for years to come: Building your brand as well as your business.

Helping you make an impact with your marketing. Getting things done before your competition gets a chance to book us.

#2 The price is the price is the price.

You may even be pleasantly surprised by this price that is the price that is the price. We don’t cost on time, we cost on output, results and the value we bring, believing in full transparency and not shoving the price at the bottom of the page. We want you to make your own mind up about how much value we’ll be bringing (a lot, the answer is a lot).

#3 You have a passion and care about what you do.

If you don’t have a passion why are you doing what you do? We’re in the business of solving construction marketing problems. Caring and having passion makes all our lives easier!

#4 Organisations that follow the herd can walk on.

Doing the same as everyone else means you are competing in a space that is already crowded and cluttered. If you’re sick of not getting the results you want, we will help you zig, when everyone else is zagging.

#5 Collaborative approach to maximise impact. 

Collaboration is the key to a more successful construction industry. There, we’ve said it, it’s out there. Do you want to be part of this or are you happy struggling along alone?

#6 Trust us and trust the process.

We use marketing principles and science, sprinkled with creativity and the integration of AI  (the boring bit x the fun bit = success). It’s a process that always works for our clients.

#7 Diagnosis-Strategy-Tactics.

This is the formula for success. 

#8 Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

If you’re comfortable, you’re probably doing the same as everyone else and it’s not generating results. Do you think the CEO of Comparethemarket was comfortable with letting a Meerkat take control of their business? And look how that turned out!

What we've actually done

  • Chances are when you were a kid, you had LEGO® somewhere in your house. And chances are if you’ve got your own kids now, you’ve got LEGO® f*cking everywhere (yeah, I said that

    We’re all familiar with it.
    We know it's creative.
    But, we also know it’s functional.

    Which is exactly what your marketing should provide.

    The builD Process is the winning formula for generating familiarity, creativity and functionality, that gives clients the confidence your company will solve their problem: That headache, that pain in the ass, that rash that you know you should get checked out... but Bake Off is on and it’s bread week!

    We can sort your marketing plans out while you watch some bakers turn their ovens to 170. The fools, we all know it should be 150!

    BUT having LEGO® doesn't make you a Lego Master. It just means you have LEGO® bricks... EVERYWHERE. Let’s explain:

    Remember when you used to play with LEGO® (or now we’re getting a little older, how all the LEGO® bricks are all over the floor - every day. EVERY. DAY - enter the two kids again) and when you stand on them it freaking hurts. Well imagine this is your marketing at the moment:


    Jumping from one thing to another with no real plan or direction.

    No cohesion

    Just doing what is needed to stay afloat with no sense of control or future planning.

    Bloody painful

    Just the thought of trying to sort it out gives you a headache.


    Simply doesn't perform, nor does it get the results you want.

    What you need is someone to clean this up for you, and sort it right out.

    We take all of those LEGO® bricks (in essence the parts of your marketing that aren’t making much sense nor delivering as you know they should and start building something that:

    Is integrated and fits together seamlessly.

    Is cohesive and built methodically.

    And delivers the exact results the user manual said it would.*

    *and we’ll even leave you the manual (Marketing Plan) to show you how to build this for yourself, brick-by-brick.

The ability to cut through the grey, draw out the necessary, and create engagement that truly resonates, are all skills which I will always admire.

Katy Roberts | Head of Marketing | BBA

A fantastic depth of marketing knowledge and loads of ideas on how to apply new strategies for the benefit of businesses.

Chris Dunkerly | Senior Digital Marketing Strategist | Bespoke

Marketing is in their DNA. Not only SOSTAC® Certified Planner but over 20 years’ of experience working in marketing, during marketing’s greatest period of change

PR Smith | Marketing Legend | SOSTAC

Clearly know the marketing space. Thorough research… so if you would like a marketing plan to help generate profit, I wouldn’t look any further.

May King Tsang | FOMO Creator

Adapting to work at any level with marketing departments; always focused on the task in hand but keenly aware of the context and bigger picture.

Kate Perrin | Group Marketing Director | Barbour ABI

It has always been clear that the understand of omnichannel marketing strategy is at an incredibly high level.

Mike O' Flynn | Account Lead | Samphire Digital

Has the ability to advise on and define the strategy as well as plan and manage the execution of tactical-level marketing activities.

Paul Dodd | Head of Marketing | Nova

Some kind words (awww!)


I build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition.

Get free tips and info on how we do this, straight to your inbox.

Thanks for subscribing!

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