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We build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition. Get free tips and info on how we do this, straight to your inbox.

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Two Kids Later (about us)

OK, so this is the about page, the bullshit backstory page, the ‘this is why we’re different’ page and the ‘meet the team’ page.

Anyone writing an about page is going to say nice things about themselves, obvs, but we ran out of smoke to shove up there. You’ll have to go and speak to our current clients if you want that kind of thing; or you can take a look at our testimonials instead, save on the investigative work.

The reality is, you wouldn't be reading this if you were happy with the services you are getting, something has resonated enough to get you this far!
If we can hook you in to read about US, we can get prospects to read all about YOU!
  • Before we move on to the proper stuff you actually want to know, indulge us while we explain how we got to where we are (no, not this page, where we are in terms of an agency). We'll keep this light and summarise the main facts for you:

    Peter Sumpton (founder) started out running Marketing Study Lab, a business aimed at providing low-cost marketing qualifications.

    Once realising that becoming an approved qualification centre was as likely as rocking horse shit, a change in direction was needed.

    And they lived happily ever after (once the invoices had been paid).

    Side, but important, note: Having worked in construction for over 20 years (running marketing departments and developing strategies):

    Two kids later, buildDifferent is up and running.

    But before that could happen the world had to get a few things out of its system, namely: A freaking long lockdown, Brexit and having two new humans enter the world.

    We know what works.

    We know what doesn't.

    We know what can be done even better.

    Most importantly, we know what you need.

Top Eight About Us Moments for 2023

We’re an agency that is growing SLOWLY, which is no accident. 

We’re a NEW agency, small and hungry for success. Your success.



We’re an agency that is open and transparent. So transparent you can see our 5-year Marketing Plan utilising the same formula we use for our clients, which will see us grow into a £million agency.

We’re an agency that was built from within construction, understanding first-hand what clients want and what they need…because we’ve been THAT client prior to this.

We’re not the kind of agency that boasts about 20+ members of staff, gives them cool (by cool, read pointless), titles and tells you they like puppies and dislike Star Wars (rude, and avoid these people).

We like to say ‘no’ as this always leads to the most successful future, leaving the fluffy bullshit to rot like forgotten fairground candyfloss. So much so we’ve learnt it in 14 different languages (nee, non, nein, óchi, hahin, la, tidak, bù shì, nie, Não, Nahi, Nu and Nej).






Nokia Snake | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK

We use LEGO® a lot! Analogies work really well when trying to explain the basics of what we do and how we help clients. Except for those clients that have never heard of LEGO® (yep they exist). T’was a bit awkward when using this analogy to explain how our approach helps businesses within construction, to hear that they didn’t know LEGO®. In the end, I just asked ‘you ok hun?’, to which he replied ‘no’, and although delighted that they liked to say no as much as we do… we went our separate ways.


We have no offices and use contractors and freelancers to stay agile. It helps us cut the fat and only offer services that will work for client.


I build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition.

Get free tips and info on how we do this, straight to your inbox.

Thanks for subscribing!

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