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A detailed terms and conditions 4-pager (which we encourage you to read before you start to gain all the benefits of working with us) can be found here. This comes with a warning however, that most of it is written in a language that hasn't been spoken in time. It has some big words as well as some smaller ones and uses most of the letters we have come to know and trust over many years.

Terms and Conditions

  • Documentation of all the services we will provide.

  • Followed by the very generous fees and how long this will last.

Finally getting into the details of working together
  • If one of us massively screws up the other has the right to terminate the contract before the official end date (no one is perfect, but we haven't massively screwed up yet).

  • At the end date, we can continue on a month-by-month basis, renew or say a fond farewell (we're not good at goodbyes though).

  • We'll keep all your secrets safe as long as you keep ours.

  • We're not your employees and we'll avoid any conflicts of interest.

  • Your IP is yours, our IP is ours. If this ever needs to change, let's chat.

  • Sometimes we know that others can produce better work than us and we may ask them to do some work for you on our behalf - this is already factored into the fee (most of the time).

  • We don't generally wear shirts and ties so we'll avoid you taking us to court by always doing the right thing.

Further terms and conditions may apply but in general, the above is our promise (a Marketing gift) to you.

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