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Marketing Planning Template


I build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition.

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We build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition. Get free tips and info on how we do this, straight to your inbox.

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Before you start flapping, let me enlighten you…

If someone told you that your next three months of marketing could be mapped out, to achieve the results you wanted, more than you wish you could fly, right up to the sky, would you say ‘yes please, tell me how to do this and I'll be your very best friend!’ or would you just keep trying to fly? 

A marketing plan is integral to any business and for many, it is the business. 

Orvil | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK

Unfortunately, many start this process right in the middle – with the communications and creatives. We see this time and time again within construction. There are many reasons for this:

Excuses-exmuses. Yeah, that’s a word. It's a word that is as crazy as not having a marketing plan as it will eventually end up;

Simply haven’t got the time, too busy doing ‘stuff’.

Under pressure from the dark lords above.

Don’t have a budget, so what’s the point.

There’s only me in marketing!

Peter Sumpton | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
Better planning than a 1950-2000 Grays Sports Almanac.
Download it now (not the Almanac, the Marketing Planning Template) 

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Get the Free Construction Marketing Planning Template directly to your inbox.

Wasting your time as you constantly spin too many plates.

Creating more pressure as you continue to do stuff that just isn’t working but at least it’s out the door and looks like we’re doing the right things hey!

Devaluing what you are doing as there is no way of analysing or hitting any targets as none have been set (how do you ever expect to get that promotion?).

If you take the time to create a justified and useful construction marketing plan, the payback is exponential. Short-term pain, long-term gain!

We could now show you some amazing stuff we’ve achieved using plans like this, but we ain’t going to say they don’t work or they’re a waste of time are we? You now have 3 options:

Ask for some help with the planning - Help me!




Do nothing, close your eyes and hopefully all your troubles will go away. 

This 10-step, 4-page Construction Marketing Template will help you form the basis of your Marketing Strategy.

Start with small steps

How'd it work?

It is a scaled-down version of what we class as a comprehensive marketing plan, but has all the components you need to get started without blinding you with marketing blahhhhsh*t!

This templated marketing plan will help you build your next three months' of Marketing activity. A great start on your way to more successful marketing planning.

The template has been designed so you can use it again and again, every three months recurring.

The method behind it all

By utilising tried and tested models and theories that have been the pillars of marketing for decades you can formulate a marketing plan for the next 3 months and onwards by simply following these 10 steps.

Within each of these 4 pages, you will find templated models all ready for you to fill in, helping you to get a clear understanding of your current situation, where you want to go and how you will achieve this.

We want this to add value to your marketing and your business. If you need a helping hand, get that hand up. I need help!

The next 3 months sorted. Here is what is covered:

Cuddles | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK

The communications that complement each stage of a customer's journey can be the difference between them converting to a customer or flying away and being someone else's best friend (you stand more chance of an Orvil and Cuddles reconciliation).

Discover how to manage essential touchpoints and use them to create a frictionless customer journey with this customer journey planning tool.

Next you’ll need to design the perfect customer journey - wait, there’s a tool for that 'n'all.

Your customers.

Your company.




The market.








SWOT / TOWS Analysis to get you focussed on where the business opportunities are.

Objective setting.

The tactics you will use to win.

Communications content.

Timeline of activities.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Construction Marketing Template | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
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