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9 Marketing Books That Will Shape Your Future

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

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Download the ebook - 9 Marketing Books That Will Shape Your Future - 1 in a series of 9 ebooks.

From foundational marketing principles to cutting-edge insights into consumer behaviour, these books cover a range of essential topics for any marketer. This is a short and simple blog post that provides you with a synopsis as to why you need each one of these books in your life.

Even if you’re not a big reader, most of the below have audio versions we suggest starting with (note: most of the time purchasing the audio version leads to buying a physical copy, they are that damn good)!

Small but mighty. This book is simplistic in its approach, real easy to follow yet provides a comprehensive overview of marketing, covering everything from market research to campaign optimisation. It offers practical advice and real-world examples, making it an excellent resource for marketers of all levels.

Providing you with a detailed structure to hang your marketing creatives on. This guide is a walkthrough of the SOSTAC® framework, a proven method for developing successful marketing plans. It covers Situation Analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions, and Controls (SOSTAC), providing a step-by-step approach to digital marketing planning.

It may as well have been titled ‘Everything you thought you knew about the fundamentals of marketing has been a lie through perceptive thinking thus far’. This book challenges many traditional marketing assumptions and provides evidence-based insights into what really drives brand growth. It's a must-read for any marketer looking to develop effective brand strategies.

See above but for the B2B space. It isn’t a sequel but covers a lot of conclusions from the initial How Brands Grow. This follow-up book provides further evidence and insights into brand growth. It covers brand salience, mental and physical availability, and the importance of reaching all potential buyers.

With examples and a data-driven approach throughout, this book provides practical advice on how to create and maintain distinctive brand assets that drive brand growth. It covers topics such as brand identity, brand personality, and brand associations.

Real-life examples interspersed with the behavioural science of what is actually going on that gets you thinking ‘Ah, that’s why I/people do that thing’. This book explores the psychology of decision-making and provides insights into how marketers can influence consumer behaviour. It covers topics such as social proof, scarcity, and the importance of context.

This is more of a study than it is a book, but it is so influential in challenging the way marketers think it MUST be on the list. The study provides evidence-based insights into the effectiveness of different marketing strategies. It argues that a balance of long-term brand building and short-term activation is the key to sustainable marketing success.

Don't let the original date or the thickness of the book put you off. This classic book explores the psychology of persuasion and provides insights into how marketers can influence consumer behaviour. It covers reciprocity, commitment and consistency, and social proof. Think The Choice Factory with a much more scientific/academic approach layered on top.

More evidence-based behavioural science. This follow-up book explores the importance of preparing the audience for persuasion, rather than relying solely on the persuasive message itself. It covers topics such as attention, association, and the power of framing.

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