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Customer Journey Template


I build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition.

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We build and activate standout marketing plans, setting you apart from your competition. Get free tips and info on how we do this, straight to your inbox.

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Don’t stop, believing (in your customer journey generating better results).

Within the construction industry, customer journeys are as fragmented and disjointed as the supply chain itself, constantly changing as the migration to a data-driven industry continues.

The customer journey is now a complex, multi-channelled experience, with the customer firmly in charge of when they want to purchase, where and how.

We can’t control what we can’t control, but what we can control is probably worth controlling in order to gain some control in a world where a lot is out of our control… confused?...

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However, what can be controlled by a company are the communications that complement each stage of this customer journey and we’re giving you the template to do it for yourself and discover how to manage these touchpoints and use them to create a frictionless customer journey.

Why removing friction is good.

If you can remove the friction from a customer journey you’ll see vast improvements. Like snatching your fave cookie in a meeting, you’ll always reach for the ones on the plate, not the ones in the jar (less friction, even though the ones in the jar will have fewer human germs on them - you disgusting lot!).

Don't stop, believing (in this free customer journey template to help you)

Regardless of what you are buying, you will always follow a certain process, a set of stages to a point of action. Understanding these stages allows you to develop a journey that people want to take.

From buying a cookie to purchasing a car, this process will follow the same pattern and understanding the stages within is the key to delivering a better customer experience throughout the buying process:

Peter Sumpton | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
Customer Journey Template | buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK

Why Captivating Touchpoints?

A customer journey is very rarely linear, so reviewing each and every touch-point allows you to tailor the right messages, at the right time, for the right point of contact. Both of the above  journeys could be very different depending on competitor communications and touch-points:

  • If a local shop had a deal on cookies then this may swap judgement.

  • If a car dealership provided much better customer service you may be more inclined to revisit.

Which is why each touch-point is critical - the sum of all parts 'n' that.

Why Create Engaging Content?

Producing content for each touch-point will keep the focus firmly on the singular message that persuades people to move through each stage of the customer journey. Being front of mind and building mental and physical availability for a brand can contribute to the decisions a consumer makes.

In both scenarios, asking a simple question right at the start, ‘Name the first cookie/car brand you think of?’ will give a good indication as to which cookie or car the consumer will end up purchasing as that brand has created more mental and physical availability i.e. it is more well known, front of mind and linked to the purchasing category (cookies and cars).

Want to design your own Marketing Plan instead?

One that will rock the socks off your business, one that can provide you with the focus you are craving and one that helps you achieve your goals? Check it out.


You’re hungry and fancy a cookie so you search online to see which stores are nearby.

You already have a car and are looking for a different brand this time so drive to where the local dealerships are.

Buying cookies

Purchasing a car







Various local shops sell them but you narrow it down to the two closest to you.

You decided on the one with the smaller selection as you know you will be served quicker.

Purchase in quick time and home to chomp down.

You receive local store offers through the post.

Visit 3 of them to see what offers they have and decide to sleep on it.

Weighing up the options you decide to go for the middle ground - affordable with a few more gadgets

Visit the showroom the next day and sign the papers.

This showroom continues to email you the latest models and offers.

Explore - Consider - Cognition - Convert - Connect

If we can do this to your eyes, imagine what we can do for you and your clients (probably the same thing and make you stand out above all the dross to be perfectly honest)! 

Imagine if the above sentence was your customers' journey, would they even get past the first few words? Did you, or did you just read this sentence first as it stands out?

buildDifferent | Construction Marketing | UK
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