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5 ways to actually use AI within Construction marketing that aren't f*cking dumb

5 Ways to Actually Use AI that aren't Fcking Dumb within the Construction Industry

Download the ebook - 5 ways to actually use AI within Construction marketing that aren't f*cking dumb.

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Before proceeding with this guide it’s important to note that this isn’t a ’the robots are taking over’ or a ‘AI is stealing people's jobs’ guide nor is it an AI love in where EVERYTHING MUST BE AI. AI will be an important tool that we can utilise to our advantage as long as we’re not sucked in to all the BS that is spewed out by those jumping on the band wagon. These tool really are effective if mixed with HI (Human Intelligence) use them as you would any other digital tool to better productivity, output and performance, quality and knowledge.


5 ways to actually use AI within Construction marketing that aren't f*cking dumb


Top 3 Rules For Using AI

Never rely on it without adding your own human intelligence (HI) to it.

Have a purpose and work out why you are using it. What’s the benefit? If it’s efficiency, make sure it’s making you more efficient and not slowing you down.

Trial two or three platforms to see which suits your style and workflow - not all AI is made equal. Just like Johnny 5 and R2-D2.

1. Idea Generation


Idea Generation


Chat GPT Logo - Open AI


This is very useful for idea generation, but NEVER go off what this spews out. Always tweak it and tailor it for your audience, in your own voice to add a layer of humanism to the copy. For example, I find it useful to kick start any form of writing I have to do; be it blog posts, email copy or even just content titles. Also, always fact check!!!

Get into it:

Explain the scenario: You are a marketer within a UK construction technology company...

Provide a deliverable: … and have been tasked with writing 4 engaging blog posts around the latest construction technology aimed at manufacturers within construction...

Describe the output required: …produce 4 blog post titles and a summary of each article…

Include any specifics: …there must be a strong call to action and each post complimenting the others.

The opportunities to help speed up idea generation in an industry where in-house resources are limited and time spent being creative may be seen as wasteful can be a game changer for your output speed and quality.


2. Imagery


Authentic blog post imagery that's better than shitty stock photography.


Adobe Firefly Logo


Finding unique imagery that isn't from stock and doesn't suck can be challenging. However, Adobe Firefly offers the solution by allowing you to generate your own AI-generated images based on a text description of what you need.

What makes it stand out is the range of options post image generation. You can add or remove elements, choose different styles (e.g., digital, vector, collage, pencil, etc.), and adjust colour, tone, lighting, and composition.

Here's One I Made Earlier:

"create a robotic arm in a factory that is building a wooden wall frame for a house in the UK"

AI Generated Robotics - Construction

This tool enables you to create brand-appropriate visuals, playing a vital role in establishing mental availability through brand association. This is particularly valuable for contech companies operating in a highly competitive landscape where raising awareness is crucial.


3. Minute Taking


Taking meeting notes, transcribing conversations and generating a list of required actions.


Scribbl Logo


This becomes very useful when you need to have meaningful outcomes in online meetings, need a transcript instead of taking your own notes or want to break down the various topics that have been discussed.

Added features such as time stamping your own topics alongside a recording of the meeting makes this a powerful tool to use. It's excellent when multiple stakeholders are involved and campaigns need to move quickly and are time-sensitive.

You simply download it and it does its thing in the background, no tech stuff. As long as you can hit command/alt, shift and y... you can use this!


4. Condensing


Condense detailed documents into easy-to-understand summaries.


Scholarcy Logo


We’re currently going through a lot of changes within construction, especially legislative and legal, The Building Safety Act, net-zero initiatives and construction product reviews are just three such entities that can be heavy on the reading but critical to understand.

If you want to brush up on the basics of these, Scholarcy takes detailed documents and outputs the essential excerpts from each document, including; key concepts, abstracts and synopsis, highlights, summaries and analysis. Critical in such a fast-moving industry.


5. Integration


Integrate AI within your current workflows.


Zapier Logo


Integrating AI with basic functions such as email responses and online chats can save a lot of time, especially for basic prompts where answers are available online if you can be bothered to look... humans are lazy remember!

This can be trickier to set up than the previous 4 examples as you need some basic knowledge of Zapier, but it is basic knowledge that is required. It's an excellent option when you know a lot of people will be communicating using the same platform or asking similar questions / wanting information about particular topics.

Using Zapier to integrate AI with email, CRMs, calendars, chatbots, forums and note-taking can increase productivity where the admin is heavy and response time is critical.

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