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Can It Aid Performance?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Lots of people running on a track

I saw this sign at my local gym and it did make me think… is this true?

Now this entry isn’t about if the above statement is correct or not, there are numerous studies that have mixed results on whether cold or room temperature water is better at improving sports performance, it is about what you as a consumer believe.

The power of what we consume can shape our opinions, our actions and our beliefs, so much so that the untruth, becomes a truth which is difficult to untangle – now more than ever as everything is shared everywhere. Just look at those myths that have stuck with us through the ages,

It is important to remember the majority of what you read was written by those trying to influence your opinion in a positive fashion for some sort of gain on the author’s part.

Can you trust what you see?

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