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Collaborative Partnership Success Stories

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Join us, and be part of builDing the Future through construction industry collaboration.

Two construction workers shaking hands collaborating

There is a lot of chat around working together for a better future and collaborating to improve the way we do things, but we see very little of this in action behind a press release or social post.

We’re asking people to join us as we build a database of the good and the great of the industry. Those people and organisations that are willing to help others and the industry, not just grow and thrive in the future.

Will you join us in builDing the Future?

Individuals and organisations that genuinely want to build a collaborative industry by getting involved in each other's (off-site) projects. This isn’t about tendering, contracting or sub-contracting. It’s all about collectively using your expertise to help others and in turn, help the industry, with the only investment being your time.

Want some proof in this construction industry collaboration pudding? Take a look at some of the success stories we’ve achieved through this initiative, working together.


Collaborations worth their salt (and all other condiments)

Barbour ABI Logo
building people Logo

Barbour ABI and Building People

In developing and curating a Kudos in Construction campaign for Barbour ABI that featured Building People’s founder Rebecca Lovelace, there was a healthy appetite from Barbour ABI to help Rebecca and her company Building People - a CIC (Community Interest Company).

Collaborative Outcome

Barbour ABI and Building People are now strategic partners sharing knowledge on both the data front (Barbour ABI) and the people side (Building People) culminating in the launch of Building People’s Interactive EDI Careers Map (Jan 23).


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