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6 reasons why you shouldn’t be worried about losing your job to construction technology

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

A construction robot working at a computer and a robotic manufacturing arm

6 reasons why you shouldn’t be worried about losing your job to construction technology and instead should start getting excited about a technically advanced construction industry of the future being in the now, like right now, right in front of you.


1 Construction Technology Creates Jobs

The more new tech that enters the industry (and sticks), the more there will be a requirement for people who know how to actually use it!

We will need to learn how to deploy it, utilise it and customise it to do the work we want it to. These skills are currently in short supply which means huge job opportunities.

2 A Rise in Wage

When skills are in short supply, they come at a premium. Some of the knowledge and abilities we know we have a short supply of (data analysis for example), others are yet to be defined along with the technology.

People who develop skills alongside new technology will be able to charge a premium for their work. This doesn’t mean a career change, this could be a bolt-on to what you currently do.

3 Improved Health and Safety

H&S is improving all the time, in all industries. Technology helps keep us safe onsite and off-site.

Manual, repetitive jobs that put stress and strain on the body can be done by machines reducing long-term side effects as well as reducing the more immediate threats that come with working on a live site by utilising technology that can spot dangers much quicker than a human can.

4 It Can Make You Better at What You Do

Imagine trying to do your current role without a screen, be it a phone, laptop or desktop computer. You probably can’t or at least it will take to a lot longer and it would feel a lot harder than you’re used to.

It’s the same with new technologies. They can make you better at what you do if deployed correctly. Too much tech can blow your mind and actually be ineffective. One step at a time. Choose your tech and use it to the max!

5 Creating More Opportunities

The spin-off from an influx of new tech is that when industries change dynamically then new opportunities always open up. We discover that when we start using X we also need Y.

Simply put, when one door closes another one opens up (just remember a few years ago people laughed at job ads with the title TikTok Content Creator)!

6 Plugging the Skills Shortage

If we can utilise new technology to automate replaceable skills, making parts of a project quicker and more accurate (such as repetitive and administrative tasks) we can do more with less.

This allows people to focus on their core work, more focus, better quality work, in a faster time, meaning more projects can be completed quicker.

Which works well for both individuals and the economy at large… oh and the robots.

Embrace the tech!


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