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Getting The (Exam) Timing Right

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

One of the main reasons why students don’t pass a Professional Marketing Exam is because they get the timing wrong. That’s why it’s important to practice by sitting mock exams with time restraints – it will give you a perspective of what is achievable for you in the time you have when sitting an exam. So make sure you put the time aside, (NO CHEATING AND NO DISTRACTIONS) to try a timed past paper.

Here’s something to also consider

It’s easier to pick up the first few marks for each exam question than it is to gain the final few. So when you are in a Marketing exam situation it might be worth moving on to the next question and coming back to the previous one later on (leave some space for you to do this) if you are struggling near the end of your answer, time permitting.


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