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8 (not so) Innovative Construction Marketing Ideas for Success

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

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In the competitive world of construction, effective construction marketing strategies are essential for success. But these mean nothing if not combined with a marketing plan integrating tactics to actually implement the strategic intent. In this article, we'll uncover how to develop a competitive edge through 8 creative construction marketing ideas and tactics.

From niche marketing to outreach efforts targeting prospective customers, there's a wealth of construction marketing ideas at your disposal that will work particularly well within your sector. Choosing which combination of construction marketing strategies can be tricky however, so in this article, we'll delve into content creation and discuss how user-generated content can have a positive impact on your company's online presence and your entire business reputation.

Additionally, we'll examine SMS campaigns for lead generation and event sponsorship as ways to engage with potential clients in meaningful ways. Finally, our exploration of interactive digital technology like VR tours and chatbots will provide insight into how the tools we may see as 'futuristic' are already here delivering value and an ROI within construction.

By implementing these construction marketing ideas and tactics within your marketing strategy, you're positioning yourself for long-term growth within the industry.


Table of Contents:


Niche Construction Marketing Ideas

Niche construction marketing can help your construction company get noticed by those who are ready to purchase, driving serious customer traffic and leads to your website. By focusing on a specific target audience or service offering, you can create tailored content that resonates with potential clients.

Niche Construction Marketing Ideas

Identifying Your Target Audience and Unique Selling Proposition

To effectively tailor messaging to your target audience, research demographics such as age, income level and location preferences which allows you to tailor messaging accordingly. Additionally, nailing your positioning helps differentiate you from competitors by showcasing what makes your services unique within the industry.

  • Analyse market trends to determine high-demand services in the area.

  • Survey existing customers about what they actually want and/or need.

  • Monitor satisfaction levels with various aspects of the project delivery process and improve where appropriate.

  • Evaluate competitor offerings to identify gaps in service provision or areas where improvements could be made.

Optimising Website Content for SEO and Conversions

In order to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) like Google, optimising website content for SEO is a must for any content marketing plan. This involves incorporating relevant keywords, creating engaging and informative content, and ensuring a user-friendly website design. In addition, optimising your site increases the probability of gaining those elusive qualified leads (for example, asking for an estimate or just making contact).

Make sure you include these three steps within any content marketing plan:

  1. Conduct keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush (which was used for this article) or mangools to identify popular search terms related to your construction service offering.

  2. Create high-quality content that addresses potential client concerns while showcasing your expertise within the industry (making sure it aligns with your brand image to build mental availability).

  3. Implement clear calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the website encouraging users to get in touch with you or request additional information about your services, turning them into qualified leads and not tyre kickers.

#BehindTheBricks - Construction Marketing Ideas: To stand out in the competitive construction industry, businesses offering technology services should implement niche marketing, focusing on a specific target audience and unique positioning. This involves identifying high-demand services, analysing market trends, optimising website content for SEO and conversions by incorporating relevant keywords and creating engaging content with clear calls-to-action to generate valuable leads from prospective clients seeking future-proof solutions within the industry.

Outreach to Prospective Customers

Proactively reaching out to prospective customers is essential in generating new business opportunities. Not in a 'BUY MY STUFF' kinda way, but, establishing connections through a long-term commitment to using various channels to communicate will increase brand awareness while building relationships with potential clients, ultimately leading to a more fruitful marketing approach.

Utilising Social Media Platforms for Networking and Promotion

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook offer excellent opportunities for networking and notoriety within the construction industry (notice how we didn't say 'sell' ugh). By creating engaging content that showcases your expertise, you can attract attention from potential clients who are interested in your construction services. To maximise the effectiveness of your social media outreach:

  • Nail your online profile (this is like your own webpage on each platform).

  • Create a consistent posting schedule for each of the relevant platforms (i.e. where your clients are).

  • Share valuable information to help build relationships, which should also include content about your services and projects.

  • Engage with other professionals by commenting on their posts or sharing relevant content.

  • Incorporate hashtags specific to the construction industry and you specifically (these are the ones we use #construction #marketing #behindthebricks) to increase visibility among users searching/following these topics.

Attending Industry Events

Attending industry events provides an opportunity to connect directly with prospective customers (the emphasis being on the 's'), gain insights into current trends and challenges faced by others in the field, as well as build awareness of your brand and your services. Some tips when attending these events include:

  • Dress with your own personality in mind - be you! (You don't want to build a persona that isn't authentic to who you are).

  • Prepare a brief elevator pitch that succinctly describes your company's unique offerings and value proposition keeping everything consistent and on message.

  • Actively participate in discussions, workshops or panel sessions to demonstrate your expertise and establish credibility within the industry - reach out to the organisers and offer your skills.

  • Post-event is just as important. Follow up with new contacts after the event. This will help keep you top-of-mind when they require your construction services in the future.

#BehindTheBricks - Construction Marketing Ideas: To generate new business opportunities, construction companies should proactively reach out to prospective customers through various channels and attend industry events. Social media platforms like LinkedIn offer excellent opportunities for networking and building connections within the construction industry by creating helpful, engaging content that showcases expertise. Attending trade shows or conferences allows direct connections with potential clients face-to-face while gaining insights into current trends.

Content Creation Through Blogging

Integrating a blog into your content digital marketing allows you to share valuable information about your services, showcase completed projects, and address common concerns within the construction industry. Regularly publishing high-quality articles (such as this one *cough*) will not only improve SEO but also establish credibility within the industry. This is a long play however where results are not expected straight away, but laying the foundations now will put you in a great place in 9 to 12 months' time.

Sharing Tips and Solving Problems

An excellent idea for engaging with potential clients is by sharing tips and solving their problems. This type of content showcases your knowledge while providing helpful insights that can help build relationships and benefit both existing customers and prospects alike.

  • Idea: "10 Ways to Boost Your Efficiency with the Latest Construction Technology".

  • Idea: "Choosing the AI Right Technology for Effective Project Management".

  • Idea: "A Comprehensive Technology Maintenance Checklist for the Construction Industry".

8 (not so) Innovative Construction Marketing Ideas for Success

Showcasing Case Studies

In addition to offering practical advice through blog posts, it's essential to highlight completed projects that exemplify your company's capabilities. Create detailed case studies showcasing various aspects of successful construction projects you've been involved in, which can include anything from the initial planning stages through to project completion to show potential customers interested in your services an inside look at what sets you apart from similar construction technology companies in the market.

  1. Tell a story: Narrate each product or service success, discussing challenges clients faced and solutions implemented to overcome them.

  2. Include visuals: The construction industry is a highly visual industry but with very little quality within content, including high-quality, bespoke images or videos that show potential clients your products/services in situ, doing their thing.

  3. Highlight testimonials: Incorporate quotes from happy clients who can attest to your company's professionalism and expertise in delivering top-notch results.

#BehindTheBricks - Construction Marketing Ideas: To establish credibility within the construction industry, starting a blog and regularly publishing high-quality articles can improve SEO. Sharing tips and valuable advice can engage potential clients while showcasing case studies of successful projects through storytelling, visuals, and testimonials builds trust.

Customer Reviews and User Generated Content

Positive customer reviews and User Generated Content (UGC) - where clients promote your organisation themselves mainly through social platforms and popular review sites, play an important role in attracting new clients as they serve as impartial testimonials from satisfied customers, trusted much more than an organisation bigging up itself.

Encouraging existing clients to leave feedback or create UGC on social channels, your website or third-party review sites like Yelp, Google My Business and Trustpilot for past projects, helps build trust among prospects and improves authenticity in your marketing efforts.

Requesting Client Feedback

To gather valuable customer reviews and UGC, it's essential to engage with clients before, during and after projects and services are used to inform, prompt and remind. Sending follow-up communications with links directing them to your preferred review platform or how to engage using UGC can persuade them to get involved - the easier you make this process the more likely you are to get results. Alternatively, you can survey them to inquire about their experience with your company and the quality of work delivered which not only demonstrates professionalism but also shows that you value their opinion - this is a great alternative to asking directly for reviews.

  • Email templates: Create personalised email templates requesting client feedback and UGC with an easy-to-follow step-by-step process.

  • Satisfaction surveys: Develop short satisfaction surveys for clients to complete, capturing insights into areas where improvements can be made and request reviews at the end of or after the survey is complete.

  • In-person requests: Don't hesitate to ask for feedback during meetings or catch-ups - face-to-face interactions often yield more honest responses, plus you can get UGC in real-time by helping them create it.

Responding Professionally to Both Positive and Negative Reviews

A crucial aspect of managing customer reviews is responding professionally and promptly regardless if the review is positive or negative. For positive reviews, express gratitude for their kind words while highlighting specific aspects mentioned in the testimonial. When addressing negative comments, maintain a calm tone and offer solutions when possible which demonstrates that your company is committed to addressing concerns and improving its services.

  1. Thankful responses: Always thank customers for taking the time to leave a review, even if it's negative - this shows appreciation for their input.

  2. Solution-oriented replies: When responding to negative feedback, focus on finding solutions rather than defending your actions or blaming others. You can turn a negative into a positive by solving a problem or implementing something that has been requested.

  3. Maintain professionalism: Keep responses respectful and professional at all times, as potential clients may be reading these interactions when considering your services.

  4. Take it Offline: Where possible always try to have an open conversation for transparency, but where this could be damaging or requires sensitivity always try to take the conversation into a more private setting.

#BehindTheBricks - Construction Marketing Ideas: Encouraging positive reviews and advocating for UGC on social media platforms and popular review sites like Google My Business can help build trust among prospects. Requesting feedback through email templates, satisfaction surveys or in-person interactions demonstrates professionalism and value for the client's opinion. Responding professionally to positive and negative reviews by expressing gratitude, offering solutions, maintaining respectfulness and finding areas of improvement is crucial for managing customer reviews effectively.

SMS Campaigns for Lead Generation

Setting up an SMS campaign enables you to reach potential customers directly via text messages containing updates about ongoing construction projects, new services and value-based communications. This cost-effective method ensures higher open rates compared to traditional email campaigns and can be more targeted than using social platforms while providing instant communication opportunities between businesses and their audiences (have you ever ignored opening a message? But I bet you have an email :)).

SMS Messaging is Undervalued

Crafting Engaging Text Message Copy

To create a successful SMS campaign, it's crucial to craft engaging and concise text copy that grabs the attention of your target audience, just like any other form of communication. Use persuasive language, highlight benefits, and include a clear call-to-action (CTA) encouraging recipients to respond as required. For example:

"Learn and implement 8 (not so) innovative construction marketing ideas that will change your marketing into a lead-generating machine. Get the link to the ebook by replying CONSTRUCTION8 to this message."

Segmenting Contact Lists for Targeted Messaging

In order to maximise the effectiveness of your SMS marketing efforts, segment your contact list based on factors such as location, past interactions with your business, and specific interests in particular services. By doing so, you can send targeted messages tailored specifically towards each group's needs and preferences.

  • Location-based targeting: Send localised knowledge relevant only to certain areas where you provide services - this could be for a local project for example.

  • Past interactions: Reach out to past customers who have shown interest in similar services with exclusive incentives.

  • Interest-specific messaging: Create content according to the recipient's expressed interests in particular aspects of construction technology (i.e. automation systems, robotics, data analysis).


Event Sponsorship and Community Involvement

Sponsoring local events or participating in community initiatives can increase brand visibility while demonstrating your company's commitment to supporting the area. It is also an excellent way of promoting your brand without even mentioning services or products. This positive association will leave a lasting impression on potential clients, leading to increased business opportunities.

Partnering with Local Charities or Non-profit Organisations

Collaborating with local charities or non-profit organisations is an excellent way for construction companies to give back to their communities. It can be a great way to benefit your community, enabling you to help raise money for important causes, give specialised aid and knowledge for charitable initiatives, and form strong ties that may bring about potential business openings.

We only advise doing this if you have strong ties and there are synergies between the two organisations which only you will know. For example, don't follow the same trend as everyone else because it's the latest hot topic. There should be meaning and relevance to your partnership marketing strategy.

Participating in Trade Shows or Industry Conferences

Becoming actively involved in trade shows or industry conferences is another effective method of increasing brand awareness within the construction technology sector which can also be integrated with your online marketing activity. These events allow businesses like yours not only to showcase innovative products but also to network directly with prospective customers face-to-face - making it easier than ever before to attract new leads interested specifically in what you have to offer.

Some popular UK-based exhibitions that are a great fit for innovative construction technology include:

  1. UK Construction Week: This bi-annual event brings together thousands of construction professionals, suppliers, and innovators to share ideas and discover new products.

  2. Ecobuild: Focused on sustainable building practices, this conference attracts industry leaders who are committed to creating a greener future for the construction sector.

  3. Digital Construction Week: As technology continues to transform the way we build, this event showcases cutting-edge solutions designed specifically for the construction industry - from automation and robotics to data-driven decision-making tools.

In addition to participating in these events as an attendee or exhibitor, consider becoming a sponsor. By sponsoring an event or conference session relevant to your niche within the UK construction technology services space - such as automation, data, programmatic software, hardware testing, or innovative products - you'll be able to position yourself as an expert in the field while simultaneously gaining valuable exposure to potential clients looking to invest in those areas. You should also be able to secure a speaking slot to heighten your brand image.

#BehindTheBricks - Construction Marketing Ideas: Construction companies can increase brand visibility and demonstrate their commitment to supporting the community by sponsoring local events or partnering with charities/non-profit organisations (just make sure there is a synergy between both organisations). Participating in UK trade shows or industry conferences is an effective way to showcase innovative products and network with potential customers. Sponsoring relevant event sessions can position a company as an expert in specific areas of construction technology services while gaining valuable exposure to potential clients looking to invest in those areas themselves.

Brochure Distribution and Project Videos

Although many would have you believe that print, TV and radio advertising is dead, this is far from the truth. Integrated with digital communications and implemented correctly it is a powerful asset and distributing well-designed brochures showcasing your services is an effective way of capturing the attention of prospective customers. Additionally, creating project videos that cover a whole host of applications allows potential clients to build closer ties and associations with your organisation.

Traditional and Digital Marketing Integration Success

Designing Eye-catching Brochures

An attractive brochure can act as a physical reminder of your existence. If it's produced to add value, potential clients are much more likely to keep it, use it and build brand recollection from it.

To create an impactful brochure, consider the following tips:

  • Use high-quality bespoke images - don't use generic photography, especially photography that is free that competitors could potentially use.

  • Incorporate concise yet informative content, highlighting the key benefits of your products/services.

  • Include content that will add value - user guides, top 10 tips, etc.

  • Any content should be created purely for your target market. For example, if you are targeting engineers or software developers the content is going to be more technical than if you are targeting a project manager.

  • Select a visually appealing layout that aligns with your brand identity and enhances readability.

  • Add contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, QR codes, and website URLs for easy follow-up by interested prospects.

You may also want to collaborate with professional graphic designers or use online tools like Adobe Express for designing eye-catching brochures tailored specifically for the construction industry built on the foundations of your brand assets.

Utilising Video Marketing for Online Promotion

Videos are now mainstream among consumers seeking information about products or services. By producing engaging videos showcasing products, services, processes, and behind-the-scenes content, you can provide valuable insights into how to approach various challenges while demonstrating your knowledge and understanding.

Focusing on specific aspects of your technology - such as innovative techniques or unique features - rather than attempting to cover every detail comprehensively within one clip allows you to benefit from creating multiple videos aimed at resolving one problem with one benefit at a time. For efficiency, these can be combined to make a lengthier more comprehensive video or these clips can be chopped and repurposed from the original full-length video.


Interactive Digital Technology

In today's fast-paced digital world, it is essential for technology-led construction companies to embrace interactive technology as a means of capturing leads and converting them into paying customers. Practice what you preach right? One such innovative approach involves using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to engage prospects on an immersive level more effectively than traditional static images.

VR and AR at Trade Shows or Online

At trade shows and online you can offer potential clients immersive VR/AR experiences of your own construction technology. These virtual reality experiences let potential customers get a closer experience of utilising your products and services. By integrating VR/AR technology into your communication toolkit, you will be providing something unique within your own marketplace.

  • Create engaging content around your VR/AR offerings throughout your communications to generate interest and awareness.

  • Make sure the technology works before utilising it and that it is a good fit for your organisation and that you're not just using it as a new shiny thing.

  • Consider partnering with industry and technology-led influencers who can share your content with their followers for increased visibility and credibility.

Implementing Chatbots on Websites for Instant Customer Support

Beyond virtual and augmented experiences, another effective method of lead capture involves implementing chatbots on your website. Chatbots are AI-powered tools designed to provide instant customer support by answering common questions or directing users towards relevant information about products and services offered by the company. This not only improves user experience (if implemented correctly) but also frees up time for sales teams who would otherwise need to handle these inquiries manually.

Chatbot technology can be customised to suit the specific needs of your construction business, ensuring that potential clients receive accurate and helpful information while browsing your website. By providing a seamless user experience, you'll increase the likelihood of capturing leads and converting them into paying customers (reducing friction through any of your potential clients' interactions will increase the chances of success).

  • Choose a chatbot platform that offers customisable templates tailored for construction businesses.

  • Integrate the chatbot with your CRM system to ensure captured leads are automatically added to your sales pipeline.

  • Analyse chatbot interactions regularly to identify areas where improvements can be made or additional content may be needed.

Chatbots can improve client communications

#BehindTheBricks - Construction Marketing Ideas: To capture leads and convert them into paying customers, construction companies should embrace interactive technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) t of and Augmented Reality (AR). They can offer VR/AR communications at trade shows or online to showcase their expertise in the field and generate interest. Additionally, implementing chatbots on websites is an effective method of lead capture that provides instant customer support while improving user experience and generating a valuable line of feedback.

FAQs in Relation to Construction Technology Marketing Ideas

What are the 4 Ps of marketing in the construction industry?

The 4 Ps of marketing in the construction industry include Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Product refers to the services or solutions offered by a company; Price is about setting competitive rates for these offerings; Place involves choosing appropriate channels to reach target customers; and Promotion encompasses various tactics like advertising, public relations, and digital marketing efforts. They are called the 4 Ps of Marketing for a reason, in that Marketing should either have ownership of each or (more likely) have input into each element within the wider context of the business. Failing to do this results in a half-baked Marketing department that isn't sharing knowledge or adding as much value to the business as it can.

How do I market my construction technology business?

To effectively market your construction business, start by identifying your target audience and the problems they have and your solutions to these. Optimise website content for SEO and conversions (long-term) while utilising social media platforms for networking and promotion (short-term). Attend industry events to increase visibility and throughout all forms of communication make sure you are adding value and sharing knowledge in the areas you specialise in.

What is the best form of advertising for a construction technology company?

The best form of advertising varies depending on factors such as budget, location, and target audience preferences. Some effective digital options include search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, targeted social media campaigns, and email newsletters with personalised offers as well as VR and AR technologies. More traditional forms which are sometimes dismissed for their online counterparts include print advertising in trade publications, direct mail and outdoor.

What is the concept of construction technology marketing?

The concept of construction technology marketing involves promoting products and services related to innovative building materials, ConTech equipment providers as well as software-developed services. It targets specific audiences who require these services and products, such as architects, engineers, manufacturers, CEOs and property developers. The goal is to create awareness about their offerings through various channels like print, digital media, events and other such construction marketing ideas that should be explored and not dismissed straight away for being new and creative.


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